PINC is looking for start-ups with a high degree of innovation in three main impact areas:

Improve planetary health and diet within current food system, e.g.

  • Next gen healthy foods
  • Next gen plant-based
  • Innovative ingredients
  • Sustainable agriculture (selected)
  • Transparency/information

Invent novel technologies (such as precision fermentation, cell culture, molecular farming) to feed 10 BN people by 2050, e.g.

  • Alternative protein & fat
  • Alternative cacao/coffee
  • Alternative ingredients

Create a circular system for food & material, e.g.

  • Upcycled ingredients
  • Food from unused sources
  • Bio-coating & reduced/new packaging
  • Waste prevention tech

With regards to investing, we have the following criteria:

  • Pre-seed & seed
  • Scalable to 10-50+ MEUR in 5-10 years
  • Focus on Nordics & Europe
  • Mostly active investor, lead if strong strategic fit
  • Strategic link to Paulig preferred

In addition, we look for entrepreneurs:

  • In an attractive market space
  • With a great solution to a problem/opportunity
  • Who have a clear and scalable plan for success
  • Who have a strong team and  partners/takers
  • Whom we can trust and work with as ”one team”

Beyond investing, we connect relevant start-ups to Paulig for potential collaborations.