Our ambition is to become one of the fastest growing profitable food and beverage companies in Europe and a sustainable frontrunner in our industry.

Our strategy for 2024– 2026 focuses on profitable, sustainable growth and places the consumer at the center. The growth strategy is based on three growth platforms: Enjoyable Shared Moments, Taste Exploration and Re-Imagined Snacking. Our vision is to be The Shaper of Popular Food Culture by 2030. 

The growth platforms enable us to expand to adjacent categories and look for growth opportunities while maintaining strong position with our brands. Safety remains our top priority, and we continue to work towards our goal of zero accidents. Sustainability is embedded in our strategy and business and continues to inform our choices and guide us on our journey. We want to offer delicious and convenient food concepts and create experiences that are good for both people and the planet.  

Our values Stay Curious, Strive for Excellence, Grow Together – lead us on our growth journey towards our vision, so we can deliver on our higher purpose For a life full of flavour.

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